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Republican Liberty Caucus of SC Endorses Kevin Bryant for Re-election

SUMMERVILLE, SC – The Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina unanimously endorsed Senator Kevin Bryant for re-election in South Carolina Senate district 3 at its state convention in Summerville on Saturday, April 28th.

“Kevin Bryant has been one of the key leaders promoting individual liberty and limited government in the South Carolina Senate,” says Scott Pearson, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina. “We applaud his efforts to protect the taxpayers of his district and throughout the state.”

Senator Bryant has the third highest rating of all 46 members of the South Carolina Senate according to the Palmetto Liberty PAC scorecard and was one of only a handful of Senators to oppose accepting federal stimulus money in 2009 without also using that opportunity to reduce South Carolina’s debt.

Bryant is a reformer with a proven record of promoting more accountability in both our state government and elections. He voted in favor of voter ID legislation in order to protect the integrity of South Carolina’s elections in addition to recorded roll call votes in the Senate to provide accountability of Senators to the people. In that same spirit of reform, he has been one of the leading forces to change South Carolina’s antiquated and backwards way of government. For instance, he is a supporter of abolishing the unaccountable and wasteful Budget and Control Board.

Because of Bryant’s proven track record of being on the side of liberty and against growing government, the Republican Liberty Caucus is proud to stand with him and encourage all of our members and anyone else in his district to vote for him in the June 12th primary.


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