s.1431 Port bonding bill passes Senate

This week, I received unanimous consent to remove my minority report from s. 1431, borrowing plan to dredge the Port of Charleston.

The project to dredge the Charleston Port will cost approximately $300 million ($180 state and possibly $120 million Federal). The SC House committed $180 million of funds on hand. S.1432 would raise the debt ceiling and borrow $120 million to fund the Port of Charleston dredging if the Federal Government does not send the $120m. I didn’t vote for it, but it got 2nd and 3rd reading. I voted “nay” on both readings, but it passed.

Why did I do this? I’ve gotten a firm commitment from Leadership that there will be an additional debt payment of $20 million on a unfunded liability, opeb. This is the other post employment benefit for state retirees. I wanted a guarantee of the same payment for the next 5 years equaling the $120 million, but I could not get this.

The votes for special order are there and the votes for cloture (if I filibustered) are there too. I’ll chalk this up as a tiny victory for the taxpayers of future generations. However, I think we’ve exposed the debt problem we have in this state and hopefully, we can continue this debate, and give our children less debt.

Lake Hartwell Association Announcement

For the Sake of the Lake!
Please join the CoveKeeper Team for these fun & informative events:
CoveKeeper Drop-In Workshop
Learn all about the CoveKeeper Program.
Monday, April 30. Drop-in anytime between 6:30-8:30PM
Anderson County Library, 300 N. McDuffie St., Anderson
Bring your friends and lake neighbors.
# # #
CoveKeeper Field Training
Learn how to perform periodic lake surveys.
May 5; Saturday morning 9:30 to about 12:30
Portman Marina Pavilion, 1629 Marina Rd, Anderson, SC 29625
Bring a hat, notebook, and life jacket.
RSVP – Please auto-reply to this email or send an email directly to Dr. Dyck at hartwelllakekeeper@yahoo.com
Thanks for letting us know if you’re coming! We need to know how many boats we need!