h.4042 fairness in auto glass insurance coverage

h.4042 Eliminates insurance companies for allowing a auto glass repair company to also operate as call centers for the same insurance company. Insurance Companies have responded in this fashion to combat abusive practices by a few in the automotive glass industry. Local glass dealers have the argument that it is an unfair trade practice for insurers to use auto glass repairers also handling their call centers, as they are able to steer customers to their own businesses.

I think h.4042 is a mandate to fix another mandate. The problem began shortly after SC mandated insurance companies to replace cracked windshields and prohibited them from allowing a deductible. If we eliminated this original mandate, insurance companies may decide for themselves if they want to provide the coverage deductible free or not. And the free market would solve many of these problems. 99.9% of the time Free market solutions work better than government mandates.

In my pharmacy business, I’ve learned that deductibles prevent abuse and overuse. It is human nature to get a prescription that is “free”. Well, it’s not free, it’s paid for by policy holders premiums and or the taxpayer.