kudos to the SC House budget writer Brian White (R-Anderson)

I want to congratulate the SC House for including in their budget $180m in real funds (with a hopeful Federal match) to dredge the Charleston Port. We all know this is a very important project and true funds should be allocated.

Now, the SC Senate wants to add to this fund should the Federal match not come to fruition (maybe because of unsustainable Federal debt?). I support this logic. We can’t cross our fingers, close our eyes, and hope for the Federal money.

While I fully support state funding for the dredging, I cannot consciously support raising SC’s debt ceiling–essentially heaping taxes on our future generations.

This is typical of Columbia. Borrow money to fund the worthwhile projects that everyone supports and then spend everything else of fluff and pork. I cannot and will not sit by while we race to catch up with Washington.