legislative update

I want to let you know, just beyond the midway point of the session, where we stand on a few issues that are important to you and I. Here’s a brief update.

DEW – The SC Department of Employment and Workforce continues to give away taxpayer money both to those who were fired from their jobs, and those who are simply committing fraud. The Senate passed legislation two weeks ago to halt the former, and I am chairing hearings on the latter. It may take endless doses of sunlight and the embarrassment of DEW, but we will bring these travesties to an end.

Ponzi Scheme – I know that many in our community continue to feel the devastating effects of the scam perpetrated by Atlantic Bullion and Coin. I truly am sorry for the victims, Ann and I keep them in our prayers daily. You likely know that following our town hall meeting an arrest has been made. This matter is being investigated by both state and federal law enforcement, and I am happy to pass on to them any information that you may have. I am glad to tell you that my bill passed the Senate last week that will require the Attorney General to widely publicize all cease and desist
orders so that the public can know exactly whom they’re dealing with.

Public Charter Schools – The Assembly is close to passing legislation to update the statute concerning public charter schools. I authored an amendment that would allow charter school students to play sports and no longer be treated like second class citizens. Unfortunately, the Conference Committee removed this amendment. The Conference Report will be debated next week; we are examining our options to reinstate the fairness to the law. We
will continue to push for all charter school and home school students to equal rights on the playing field, and I expect us to gain more ground in the future.

Obamacare – The Senate passed last week legislation that could remove SC from Obamacare if indeed it survives the US Supreme Court. I hope and pray that the Supreme Court rules in favor of individual liberty against socialized medicine, but just in case, we’re ready in SC to fight off the largest government intrusion in American history.

Life – The Senate is to take up in coming days our “Born Alive” legislation. You may know that Barack Obama voted against this very thing while still a member of the IL Senate. He apparently is comfortable ending innocent life inside or outside the womb. We will put a stop to this barbaric practice in SC, and I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation.

It is an honor to serve you in the Legislature, If you need me, give us a holler!