Mr. Lebanon Elementary 3rd graders

I had a great visit with the 3rd graders at Mt. Lebanon Elementary School this morning. Many thanks to Ms. Melida Reeves and Ms. Mona Fleming for the invitation. I was impressed by the kids attentiveness and interest in government. They knew several things many adults don’t. They new the 3 branches of government and they knew about vetoes and how vetoes are over-riden.

When I speak to kids I often ask this question: Are you a taxpayer? Normally, very few if any raise their hand. Then I ask them if they’ve ever bought anything in a store, then they all understand they are taxpayers indeed. I told them I tried to avoid referring to “my district” since it doesn’t belong to be, it belongs to them. Well, I slipped and said “my district”, and they corrected me. So I continue to use the phrase “the district that I represent”.

I also showed them these illustrations of how much debt we owe. They were shocked.