opt out from Obamacare? healthcare compacts s. 836

The SC Senate has placed S. 836 on special order. S. 836 allows SC to enter into a compact with other states to avoid Obamacare. Objectives of Health Care Compact:

• To organize the states to reassert sovereignty and challenge the assumption that Washington knows what is best on health care policy matters that affect SC citizens.

• To force a conversation on health care and break the health care monopoly in DC

• To provide a non-partisan alternative to the current system. The Health Care Compact pre-dates ACA and is 100% non-partisan

CONSTITUTION BASIS FOR HCC: Section 1, Article 10 of the Constitution explains interstate compacts and provides that Congress must approve these compacts

When HCC is approved by Congress, it will:

• Give states the authority and funding for all healthcare programs with the exceptions of Indian Affairs and Veteran Affairs
• Re-establish state sovereignty over health care (interstate compact trumps federal health care regulation)
• Not force any state to act. States have the ability to implement or not implement. A state may leave compact with 6 months notice.


• Philosophical Step—Do you agree States should be partners in solving health care problems? No fiscal impact. Helps build a critical mass of states to force a conversation with Congress on health care.
• Congressional Approval—This will give states the final parameters of compact approval so they can make informed decisions on whether to proceed.
• Implementation—State legislature plans, designs, and implements healthcare programs at the state level