I goofed

S.1356 was a Senate Resolution to encourage Congress to extend Ex-Im. Ex-Im, as it is known, is a federal program that gives politically appointed executives power to lend mainly to foreign companies that buy American products and services. Started decades ago with a lending cap of $5 million, like all federal programs its grown over time and now has a taxpayer subsidized $100 billion cap. Senate Democrats want to further expand it by 40% to $140 billion. Ex-Im also has specific mandates to subsidize politically-popular causes like green energy.

As I posted earlier, I applaud Sen. Jim Demint’s efforts in killing the Ex-Im extention.

During Session on Wednesday, I was in a conversation with Attorney General Staff concerning the ABC investigation. There was a roll call vote for S.1356 I misunderstood that the vote was for something else and voted “aye”.

Senate Resolutions are only suggestions to Congress, so I hope y’all will give me a mulligan.