booger news: taking the gloves off

Bryant Announces March 12, 2012 | Filed under: Featured | Posted by: Booger News By Stan Welch

State Senator Kevin Bryant took off the gloves Monday night in announcing his campaign for reelection from District Three.

Speaking to approximately 75 supporters at the Powdersville Fire Department – or as he said he calls it, Conservativeville – Bryant took on liberals, Democrats and bureaucrats.

Liberals, according to Bryant, believe such things as that AIDS is spread by a lack of federal funding; that business produces oppression while government creates prosperity; and that a liberal opposes the NRA for supporting parts of the Constitution, while supporting the ACLU for supporting parts of the Constitution; and that abortion is alright while the death penalty is not.

Bryant said that liberal Charleston Democratic Sen. Says that if you get to the right of Bryant, you’ll hit a tree. He also pointed out that U.S. Senator Jim DeMint has been quoted as saying that he, DeMint, is a Kevin Bryant conservative. “I expect you’ve seen that on a few billboards by now,” laughed Bryant.

Bryant said he has also been called a right wing extremist and a flame thrower. “With the debt and the unfunded liabilities imposed on us by the federal government, we need extreme measures. We not only cannot continue to kick the can down the road, we are out of road. We must take action to stop the socialistic policies coming from Washington DC. This is no longer about Republican vs. Democrat. It is about freedom vs. socialism.”