we can drug test for benefits

We were told by the SC Department of Employment & Workforce (DEW) that Federal Law prohibited us from requiring drug tests before awarding unemployment benefits. Even though DEW has an agenda that they want to pay people to stay at home to use drugs (with your money of course), a new Federal statute specifically says we can require a drug test. S. 1050 is being blocked by Democrats, so I guess they (remember, its your money) want to pay people to stay high also.

Here’s the Federal Statute:


Section 303 of the Social Security Act is amended by adding at the end the following:
`(l)(1) Nothing in this Act or any other provision of Federal law shall be considered to prevent a State from enacting legislation to provide for–
`(A) testing an applicant for unemployment compensation for the unlawful use of controlled substances as a condition for receiving such compensation, if such applicant–
`(i) was terminated from employment with the applicant’s most recent employer (as defined under the State law) because of the unlawful use of controlled substances; or
`(ii) is an individual for whom suitable work (as defined under the State law) is only available in an occupation that regularly conducts drug testing (as determined under regulations issued by the Secretary of Labor); or
`(B) denying such compensation to such applicant on the basis of the result of the testing conducted by the State under legislation described in subparagraph (A).