s.102 opts sc out of Obamacare abortions

From SC Citizens for Life: COLUMBIA, S.C. – Your calls to our 46 state senators to stop South Carolina tax funding for abortion in ObamaCare have been extremely effective. By a slam-dunk vote of 32-9, the S.C. Senate voted today (Tuesday, February 21), to set S. 102 for special order. Special order overrides the pro-abortion senators seeking to block the bill from being debated and voted on.

Bill sponsor Senator Larry Grooms, R-Berkley, expressed his gratitude for our calls and said, “Without outside intervention this bill would never have been set for debate.” Senator Groom calls the bill a “firewall against the overreach of ObamaCare.”The next step, he said, is to assure that the bill receives a favorable vote so that it can be sent to the S.C. House. The House last year passed similar language opting South Carolina out of paying for abortions in ObamaCare, the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Predictably, the vote was strongly along party lines with six Democrats voting with the Republicans to set special order. To see how your Senator voted, click here. Five senators did not vote.

S.102 is not difficult to understand. When the U.S. Congress passed ObamaCare – the so-called Affordable Care Act – it created the opportunity for individual states to “opt out” or refuse to pay for abortions. In order for a state to opt out of paying for abortions, the state legislature must pass an opt out law. That is what S.102 does. It stops tax funding for most abortions once ObamaCare is in place by 2014.

Please feel welcome to call and thank your senator if he voted to set special order for S. 102 or, if he didn’t, to call and express your disappointment.

Senator Grooms said debate on S.102 could be as early as next week and we will need you to call your senators again once debate begins.

Please distribute this e-mail widely. E-mail the SCCL office as sccl@sclife.org if you have any problem reaching your senator’s office.