pfc: put s. 102 on special order!

The massive bill that set up “Obamacare” had one useful provision: states could vote to opt-out of coverage for abortion.

Seeing this opportunity, SC Senator Larry Grooms introduced a bill (S.102) to do just that. But, pro-abortion Senators responded, placing a “minority report” on the bill. That means this important legislation is on page 26 of the Senate Calendar! The bill will stay there and will die thereif we don’t act now.

The only way to save the Opt Out bill is to “set it for Special Order.” A Special Order would require the Senate to take the legislation up and vote on it.

TUESDAY MORNING Senators will meet together to decide which bills should be set for Special Order. Your calls are needed OVER THE WEEKEND AND ALL DAY MONDAYto get S.102 up to bat.

Please contact your Senator’s office now. Leave a message asking him to set S.102 for Special Order on Tuesday, February 14. Otherwise, the new Obamacare exchanges could allow SC taxpayer dollars to pay for taking the lives of unborn children.

Thank you for your help!

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