examiner article claims a 2 man race: Mitt and Ron

From this article, in the Examiner it appears that Romney and Paul are the only candidates that can statistically win the delegates for the Republican nomination.

…Not only did Romney go down to defeat in South Carolina but he got beaten by someone that mathematically has no possibility of being able to win the nomination before the convention anyway.

You see, both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are not on several states’ ballots as it seems maybe they were mostly running for book sales or better name recognition or possibly propping up their lobbyist credentials and speaking fees. Oh, I know many will be upset with that analogy but quite frankly it is the only plausible explanations to ponder as Newt Gingrich was not even able to get on the ballot in Virginia which is his home state. He does not live in Georgia anymore. He has been working on the lucrative K Street in Washington, DC for many years now.

Since Mitt Romney and Ron Paul actually are the only candidates that have had serious national campaigns planned and organized from the very beginning, they will be the only 2 candidates that can effectively even compete for the actual nomination as they both have full ballot access for opportunities to collect delegates. While it was preferred that Newt and Santorum just be honest with the American people and get out of the race at this point which is exactly what the Paul campaign had urged them to do as both of them can not even compete for delegates to the tune of 564 which are in states that they absolutely are not on the ballot and can not get on the ballot at this point.