polling combinations

Precinct Name and Polling Locations for Republican Presidential Primary, If you don’t know the name of your precinct, you may click here

Combined: Anderson 6/2, Anderson 6/1, Appleton-Equinox @ Anderson Recreation Center 1107 N Murray Ave, Anderson

Combined: Honea Path, Barker’s Creek-McAdams, Chiquola Mill @ Honea Path Middle School 107 Brock Ave, Honea Path

Belton @ National Guard Armory 700 Blue Ridge Ave, Belton

Combined: Anderson 3/2, Bowling Green, Broadview @ Nevitt Forest Community School Of Innovation

Bishop’s Branch @ Refuge Baptist Church 219 Refuge Church Rd, Central

Combined: Neal’s Creek, Broadway @ Welfare Baptist Church 2106 Bolt Dr Belton

Combined: Brushy Creek, Mt. Airy @ Wren Middle School 1010 Wren School Rd, Piedmont

Combined: Williamston Mill, Cedar Grove @ Calvary Baptist Church 10 S. Academy St., Williamston

Centerville Station A @ Centerville Elementary School 1529 Whitehall Rd, Anderson

Centerville Station B @ Centerville Elementary School 1529 Whitehall Rd, Anderson

Concrete @ Concrete Primary School 535 Powdersville Main, Easley

Powdersville @ Powdersville Middle School 135 Hood Rd, Greenville

Combined: High Point, Craytonville, Rock Spring @ Belton-Honea Path High School 11000 BHP Hwy, Honea Path

Combined: Denver-Sandy Springs, LaFrance @ LaFrance Elementary School 550 Williams St, Pendleton

Combined: Edgewood Station A, Anderson 1/1 @ The Carpenter’s Church 1610 Pearman Dairy Rd, Anderson

Edgewood Station B @ Cornerstone Assembly of God 213 Brown Rd, Anderson

Five Forks @ Lebanon Bapt Ch Activity Building 5150 Gentry Rd, Anderson

Combined: Mountain Creek, Flat Rock @ Gethsemane Baptist Temple 6116 Hwy 81 S, Starr

Combined: Fork No. 1, Townville @ Oakdale Baptist Church 6724 Hwy 24, Townville

Fork No. 2 @ Double Springs Fire Station 2601 Old Dobbins Bridge Rd, Townville

Combined: Friendship, Toney Creek @ Friendship Fire Station 1938 Abercrombie Rd, Honea Path

Combined: Homeland Park, Gluck Mill @ Homeland Park Elementary School 3519 Wilmont St, Anderson

Green Pond Station A @ New Prospect Bapt Ch Fellowship Hall 2503 Whitehall Rd, Anderson

Combined: Iva, Grove School, Jackson Mill @ Iva Fire Department 9711 Hwy 81 S, Iva

Combined: Starr, Hall @ Starr Fire Station 7715 Hwy 81 S, Starr

Hammond School @ Midway Elementary School 1221 Harriett Cir, Anderson

Combined: Hammond Annex, Cox’s Creek @ Anderson Area YMCA 201 East Reed Rd, Anderson

Hopewell @ T. L. Hanna High School 2600 Hwy 81 N, Anderson

Combined: Piercetown, Melton @ Piercetown Fire Station 5150 Hwy 81 N, Williamston

Mount Tabor @ Zion United Methodist Church 5708 Hwy 187, Anderson

Combined: Pelzer, West Pelzer @ West Pelzer Primary 10 W. Stewart St, West Pelzer

Pendleton @ Pendleton Elementary School 902 E. Queen St, Pendleton

Combined: Simpsonville, Piedmont @Shiloh United Methodist Church 135 Reid Bagwell Ln, Piedmont

Combined: Rock Mill, West Savannah @ Williford Fire Station 3738 Hwy 187 S, Anderson

Combined: Shirley’s Store, Wright’s School @ Ebenezer Fire Station 1416 Due West Hwy, Anderson

Three & Twenty @ Three & Twenty Fire Station 1301 Three & Twenty Rd, Easley

Hunt Meadows @ Hunt Meadows Elementary School 420 Hunt Rd. Easley

White Plains @ White Plains Community Center 7431 Midway Rd, Pelzer

Williamston @ Palmetto Middle School 803 N Hamilton St, Williamston

Combined: Anderson 1/2, Anderson 2/1 @ Concord Elementary School 2701 Calrossie Rd, Anderson

Anderson 2/2 @ McCants Middle School 2123 Marchbanks Av, Anderson

Combined: Anderson 3/1, Anderson 4/1, Anderson 4/2 @ Anderson County Fair and Expo Center 431 Williamston Rd, Anderson

Combined: Anderson 5/A, Anderson 5/B @ Southwood Middle School 1110 Southwood St, Anderson

Varennes @ Varennes Academy of Communication 1820 Hwy 29 S, Anderson

Lakeside @ Lakeside Middle School 115 Pearman Dairy Rd, Anderson

Center Rock @ McLees @ Elementary School 4900 Dobbins Bridge Rd, Anderson

Absentee Voting @ Registration and Elections Bailes Bldg 107 S Main St Suite 105, Anderson