Ron Paul on defense

Below is an absolutely critical email pertaining to our national defense. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it.

I say this on the basis of the 22-plus years I spent working at the CIA, serving for part of the period as Chief of the Osama Bin Laden Tracking Unit.

As a leading authority on al Qaeda, its late chief Osama bin Laden, and the threat posed to America by Islamist militancy generally, I believe I understand what it takes to keep America strong, safe, and secure.

So does Ron Paul, as you’ll see from his forceful, in-depth analysis.

Please take a moment to read Ron Paul’s plan to keep America safe, strong, and secure.


Michael F. Scheuer

Michael Scheuer
Former CIA Agent
Bin Laden Unit

Dear Kevin,

Which candidate for President has received more contributions from active duty military than any other? You might be surprised. I am writing you today to tell you about what our troops know that you should know.

My name is Ron Paul. I am running for the Republican nomination for President as a constitutional conservative. You may have heard that phrase recently, but I don’t think some of my opponents really understand what it means.

I believe the first and foremost duty of the President and the entire federal government is our national defense. I will always keep America safe and strong.

That’s why the troops have honored ME with the largest number of contributions in this race. Actually, I understated that a bit:

I have received more contributions from active duty servicemen and women than all the other candidates for President COMBINED!

I know you may hear some things from the corporate liberal media, or even from my opponents, about what my foreign and defense policies are. It can be hard to discuss these complicated issues in 30 second sound bites. That’s why I am writing you today, so you can hear the truth.

Let me begin by telling you that the troops know first and foremost that I am one of them. I served in the Air Force for 5 years, and I met some of the finest men and women of my life while in the military.

My support for our troops is unwavering,and my commitment to them – before, during, and after war – is second to none. I am well-known in Congress and in my district for the battles I have fought to ensure our servicemen and women receive their proper medals, their full recognition, and the benefits and health care that were promised to them.

Those who fought to protect us deserve our protection when they come home.

They also deserve leaders who understand when and how to lead them into battle.

That’s where my constitutional conservative beliefs help guide me to act as our Founding Fathers would have.

Among those beliefs that are different from my opponents:
*** I would never allow our armed forces to serve under the United Nations. In fact, I would work to pull all funding from the United Nations immediately.

*** The power to declare war rests in Congress. Though the President can and should respond quickly to a direct attack, I would never start a war with another country without the consent of Congress and the American people. We haven’t declared war since World War II, and this has caused us to be led astray as to what a truly conservative foreign policy means.

*** I would bring our troops home to strengthen our national defense, and I would secure our borders.

That’s why I’ve received more support from active duty servicemen and women than any other candidate in this race.

Matter of fact, the top three organizations that employ my supporters are the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force.

Our fighting men and women know full well what our political leaders won’t tell us – being the policeman of the world doesn’t make America stronger. America building up nations we have just bombed to the ground does not make us safer.

We used to know this. Republican statesmen of the past were cautious in the use of force and decisive once a war was begun. We are now neither cautious nor decisive.

For example, we recently launched an attack on Libya. There is no doubt that the Libyan dictator was a bad man, one of scores of similar petty dictators around the world. But he was largely contained in his borders, and his opposition was made up of Islamic extremists at least loosely tied with Al-Qaeda.

President Obama went to war unconstitutionally. He said he did not have time to go to Congress.

But somehow he had time to go the Arab League and the United Nations.

Our Constitution is being shredded.

Our sovereignty is being trampled on with reckless abandon.

And Republican leaders have not been much better in recent years. That is what we need to change.

We cannot continue to keep troops in more than 130 countries around the world and maintain over 900 bases and think that doesn’t have consequences, such as:
*** Our current foreign policy ignites our enemies and creates new ones opposed to our heavy-handed policies. You don’t have to take my word for it. Experts, from the Department of Defense, to the 9/11 Commission, to the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit, will back this up: At least one of the causes of the attacks by Islamic terrorists is our longtime troop buildup in the Middle East.

*** We have spent over a trillion dollars we don’t have, nearly bankrupting our country.

*** We are weaker because we are overextended. Our borders are not protected. Aging equipment is not being replaced. Veterans are not being taken care of.

Some of my Republican opponents and the media elite may not like my ideas. But I firmly believe they will lead to the strongest, safest, freest America possible.

And I know we can have a stronger, safer America by following the wisdom of our Founders and the rules of our own Constitution.

That is exactly what I will do as President.

I also believe we face a second national security crisis – that our security will be compromised because our current leaders and most of the other candidates are not serious enough about our national debt.

Admiral Michael Mullen, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has noted that our debt is “the biggest threat we have to our national security.”

Within 10 years, if we do nothing, Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, and the interest on our debt will consume our entire budget.

No money – ZERO – left for national defense.

We must face this threat now, with an aggressive plan to balance our budget – NOT some plan that balances in ten years or more, like others in this race have supported.

When I was in the military, I learned that the good men and women serving there often aren’t listened to by civilian leaders or even top military brass.

I will listen. I will lead. I will make our defense second to none in the world, while freeing us from our trillion-dollar foreign adventures.

I know there is waste in the Defense budget. I have seen it firsthand, and I have heard about it from our troops for years.

I also encountered the biggest bureaucracy known to mankind, along with the kind of corruption and corporate cronyism that would shock the wildest Hollywood producers.

We can improve the lives of our troops, make our citizens safer, and shrink the waste and bureaucracy all at the same time.

It will simply take someone with the guts and leadership to make it happen.

Our troops know who the right man for the job is. That’s why they have honored me with their support – more support than my all of my opponents combined.

I don’t think not serving in the military disqualifies you from being the Commander-in-Chief.

But I do think we have been poorly served in the recent past by leaders who did not understand our military – the good and the bad.

The bravery and the waste. The courage and the corruption.

The lives of our servicemen and women are not a game. Neoconservative foreign policy has led too many politicians to believe that wars do not have consequences. They do. They cost lives, limbs, and property. They take fathers and mothers from sons and daughters. They spend trillions of dollars we do not have.

I pledge the following: As your Commander-in-Chief, I will always put the defense of our country first. I will make sure we have the strength to fight any enemy.

Defense will still be the number one priority of our federal government and our federal budget.

But I also pledge that we will not go to war without proper approval by Congress. We will not go to war with the permission of or under the leadership of the UN. And if we reluctantly go to war, we will do so with the overwhelming force needed to be victorious as quickly as possible.

Leading the fine men and women of our military is an honor. And it is a sacred trust. I will honor that trust while defending our freedom.

I hope I can count on your support.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. As President, I will put the protection of our country first, make sure we have the strength to fight any enemy, and guarantee that our defense is second to none.

Our troops know who they can trust, and that’s why I’ve received more support from active duty servicemen and women than all of my opponents combined.

Matter of fact, the top three organizations that employ my supporters are the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force.

I hope I’ll also have your support for President so we can once again make America strong, secure, and respected.

Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee