Grooms: Ports 1st!

South Carolina’s ports system is vital to our economic future. And today, we face an issue with our neighbor, Georgia, on the deepening of our shared border – the Savannah River.

That’s why I’ve now set up a new ports section of my website devoted to this issue, to keep you up-to-date. Take a moment to visit this page, and while you’re there, sign the online petition in support of our South Carolina ports.

Our ports are indispensable to our economy, facilitating nearly $46 billion in economic output and supporting 260,000 jobs across the state. While competition serves the marketplace well, no business owner would ever voluntarily give a competitor an unfair advantage. We must do all we can to protect the interests of our state and put our ports first.

Here are some recent stories that I know will be important to you, including my guest editorial that appeared in Thursday’s edition of The State and thePost and Courier editorial on this river dredging issue.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know.