news flash! another sccfg 100% score

It appears my friends at the SC Club for Growth and I are consistently singing out of the same hymn book. I’ve received the top score in the Legislature since they started scoring several years ago.South Carolina Club for Growth Releases 2011 Legislative Scorecards

Names 43 “Taxpayer Heroes” and 101 “Taxpayer Nightmares”

Columbia, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth released its 2011 Legislative Scorecards, awarding its “Taxpayer Hero” award to 8 Senators and 35 Representatives based on their voting records since January 2011.

Scorecard ratings (here) are based on 38 pro-growth and government reform votes taken since January 2011 – the House of Representatives had 16 scored votes and the Senate had 12. The votes scored were taken from the best version of the bill or from an amendment that would have strengthened the bill. Scores are on a scale of 0 to 100 with each vote assigned a certain number of points depending on its relative importance. Legislators earn the title of Taxpayer Hero by earning an “A” or “B” and the Taxpayer Nightmare title by earning a “D” or “F”.

Club Chairman Bill McAfee stated, “The scorecards are a valuable tool for Club for Growth members and South Carolina voters. Taxpayers in Allendale and Abbeville counties can’t watch every vote on every bill, but this scorecard gives them the opportunity to see if their legislator is just giving them lip service or really fighting for good government and pro-growth legislation. The votes on this scorecard were carefully selected to show how lawmakers voted on meaningful legislation that could bring about actual reform in South Carolina.

The 2010 election cycle showed voters are tired of politicians saying one thing and voting for another. This scorecard is a great asset to citizens heading to the polls in 2012. It helps them answer the question, ‘Is my legislator really fiscally responsible or just when they are on the campaign trail?’”


– 18 Republican Representatives and 16 Republican Senators earned “Taxpayer Nightmare” awards for earning a “D” or “F.”
– 48 Democrat Representatives and 19 Democrat Senators earned “Taxpayer Nightmare” awards for earning a “D” or “F.”


– The average Democrat score was “12.6.”
– The average Republican score was “52.2.”

“Taxpayer Heroes” in the SC Senate

– Lee Bright
– Kevin Bryant
– Tom Davis
– Shane Martin
– Greg Gregory
– Mike Rose
– Greg Ryberg
– Phil Shoopman