my prayer at “Cry Out”

It’s a little awkward to participate in religious programs as an elected official because I haven’t quite figured out how to be bold in my faith without giving people the impression that I’m a pandering politician. I guess in politics you can’t ever avoid that, but I make every attempt to be genuinely sincere. I was asked to pray in Sunday’s 9/11 remembrance “Cry Out”. Many thanks to Leslie White for the honor of getting an invitation to participate. Here’s what I was lead to say:

Heavenly Father, We thank you for your outpouring of blessings to the great state of South Carolina. We ask for wisdom, humility, and guidance for those of us in the legislature, those in the courts, and for those that serve in the executive branches of government. We thank you for our sons and daughters in uniform in the military, law enforcement, fire protection and other areas of public safety. They have chosen to put themselves in harms way to protect our freedom. Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and we are grateful.

We ask that you bless the families that have lost loved ones on this day 10 years ago as our nation was under hostile attack. Please help us to show them your love and comfort whenever possible.

Father we thank you for the ultimate first responder, your son Jesus Christ. Who, being the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and image of all creation, he chose to leave his glorious throne and place himself as a sacrifice for our sins. We ask that you assist us in reflecting Jesus Christ in all we say and do with sincerity and humility. In His name we pray, Amen.