Steven Khoury: conservatism at its best

Steven Khoury: “Conservatism At Its Best”
Politics is often associated with corruption. Yes, I am sure there are many politicians out there that give politics this bad name. I have been involved in politics for three years now and can honestly say there are politicians out there that really do all they can to better the lives of their constituents. During my involvement in politics, I have had the great privilege to work with three respected, noble men, who serve the state of South Carolina and this country with honor and pride. I have had the opportunity to work for South Carolina Senator Kevin Bryant, Congressman Mick Mulvaney and United States Senator Jim DeMint. These three men definitely manifest conservatism at its best. These true conservatives have constantly been advocates for limited government, traditional values, and keeping taxes at a minimum.
While a student at the University of South Carolina, I worked for the South Carolina Senate, with Senator Bryant and former South Carolina Senator Mulvaney. I always considered myself a conservative, but working with these two gentlemen definitely enabled me to gain a better grasp of true conservatism. As fiscal conservatives, Bryant and Mulvaney constantly fight for reducing tax burdens for all individuals and for a more limited government. Their true conservatism is evident due to the Gadsden Flags located on their desk in the chamber and offices. It truly has been an honor to work with these two respected politicians.
I also had the opportunity to work with United States Senator Jim DeMint in his Washington, D.C. office. Washington, D.C. was quite overwhelming at first, especially coming from a small town in South Carolina. Running into Vice President Biden, Speaker Boehner and others who I always saw on television was pretty awesome. I must say it was great running into all of these politicians, but overall my experience working for Senator DeMint was the greatest part about working at the Capitol. After working with Bryant and Mulvaney, I did not believe I would be given the opportunity to work with another true conservative. However, I was proven wrong when I started my internship with Senator DeMint. The Senator is definitely true to his conservative values and tirelessly fights for limited government, individual liberties, and less taxation. He serves the state of South Carolina with pride and dignity. He is definitely fighting to get this great nation on the right track again. Working for Senator DeMint on Capitol Hill has been an unbelievable opportunity, especially for a small-town boy from South Carolina.
Politicians are often given a bad name. From having first hand experience, I can honestly say there are politicians out there who really care about their constituents, especially the three men for whom I have worked. If we keep voting for politicians like Senator Bryant, Congressman Mulvaney, and Senator DeMint, then the principles that this nation was founded upon will continue to be upheld, and America will continue to be the great nation that it is.