Steven Khoury: Sign This Pledge, Help Save This Countr

Sign This Pledge, Help Save This Country
While working on the Hill as an intern, there were many interesting events that happened on a daily basis.  The duties I had to perform as an intern included giving Capitol tours, working on legislative projects for the Legislative Correspondents and Assistants, attending hearings and briefings for the staff, sorting through constituent mail, and answering constituent phone calls.  The majority of phone calls from constituents and others could be described as quite interesting.  Many different people called our office – conservatives, liberals, southerners, northerners, and people of all ages.  During my time in the Senate, I answered hundreds of phone calls.  However, there is one particular phone call that stuck with me.  An elderly woman called the office in great fear for this country.  Her fear was due to the fact that the current administration and members of the United States Congress want to raise our nation’s debt limit even higher than the current $14.294 trillion limit.  I do not blame this woman for being fearful.  All Americans should be fearful for this country’s future.
An increase of the debt limit would only drive our nation into even more of a wreck.  This country is in such a horrible crisis right now because the government truly is not making fiscally responsible decisions.  Instead, they are doing many things they should not do and most of all cannot afford to do.  Borrowing more money without cutting spending is one of the most irresponsible decisions for America and its future.  Fortunately, there are many Members of Congress who disagree with their colleagues in raising our nation’s debt limit.  These select few in opposition have come up with a “Cut, Cap, & Balance Pledge” for all Americans.
The “Cut, Cap, & Balance” pledge is simple in its appearance, yet it has a strong message.  It will have a profound impact on America if citizens who are concerned about our country’s future, would take a few seconds and sign the pledge.  The pledge asks for citizens to advise their Senators and House Representatives to oppose any debt limit increase unless all three of the following conditions have been met: “(1) Cut – Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter (2) Cap – Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path of a balanced budget, and (3) Balance – Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.”  This simple pledge can influence our leaders to focus more on the country’s future and cut the frivolous spending.
I would like to echo this concerned woman’s fear for our country to everyone in America.  I definitely received phone calls bizarre and extreme, but I can promise you that this woman’s call wasn’t anything of the sort.  This country’s staggering debt is going to affect us all in a negative way, especially us young people.  So I urge Americans to sign the “Cut, Cap, & Balance” pledge to get America back to a point where increasing the debt limit is not necessary.
To sign the pledge, visit
Steven Khoury works for the Senate in our office (Bryant & Gregory). He is currently spending the summer interning for Sen. Jim DeMint.