s. 877 allows Hampton County School District to borrow

S. 877 is a bill that will allow the Hampton County School district to issue general obligation bonds to meet operating expenses. In other words, this school district wants to borrow money to pay the bills of the day to day operations. The argument is that s. 877 is a local bill and only the Senate members of the Hampton County delegation should vote. As s. 877 recieved 2nd and 3rd readings, that how it was handled. However, Gov. Haley vetoed the bill.

We are now being asked to vote present on the veto. I can’t, in good conscience put my fingers in my ears, and hands in from of my eyes and ignore what is happening here.

This abuse of debt is reckless and irresponsible and I can’t sit idle while taxpayers of any county could be responsible for this outragious act of borrow and spending.

We’re told it only affects Hampton County. What about the Anderson County resident that owns property in Hampton County? What about all SC Taxpayers that will foot the bill if they default on their loan? What about the $14,000 per student (state average $11k) they’re getting now?