Supreme Court: got to wait til 06.14.11

It looks like the Supreme Court has settled the issue and we won’t be in session today. I’m down here with very few collegues. There seems to be a commitment to amend the sine die resolution to include the restructuring bill, yet getting the necessary 2/3 vote will be a challenge.
Below is a statement from the President Pro Tempore on the resent 3-2 Supreme Court’s decision:
Statement of Senator Glenn McConnell

Columbia, SC – South Carolina Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell released the following statement tonight following the ruling by the state Supreme Court:

“There are two important points to be made about today’s ruling by the South Carolina Supreme Court:

First, this is a victory for a limited and constitutional government. What we saw today is an example of the system of separation of powers operating the way the founder’s designed it.

An equally important point to stress is this ruling is also a victory for reform. It simply means we will enact reform within the law and within our Republican form of government.

As I have said all along, I support the restructuring measures the Governor advocates. And I’m hopeful those issues can be addressed when the General Assembly returns to session on June 14.

As one Senator, I will support efforts to move restructuring forward by including them in the Sine Die Resolution. I hope that the Governor’s attempted unconstitutional actions to this point do not hurt efforts to give the executive more power.

Thanks to today’s ruling we can now all focus on achieving reform that is lawful and constitutional.”