there is a will if there is a way

So far, we know of 10 members of the Senate that will be in Columbia on Tuesday to make an effort to pass the restructuring bills. I never would have thought I’d see this, but lightning struck in the Senate Thursday as an amendment to eliminate the Budget & Control Board passed unanimously, but the clock ran out to get the final vote. I’m thinking this number will grow and we’ll get a quorum. The Supreme Court may decide the constitutionality of the special session, but we’ll be there ready to work should we find a way.

As Tom Davis puts it, “After 61 long years of administrative dysfunction, we have our foot on the throat of the Budget and Control Board. Let’s finish the job and kill the thing and put the power to execute our laws where it belongs — with the governor.”

Senators Say They Will return to Columbia on Tuesday

June 3rd, 2011

COLUMBIA – South Carolina Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler today released a list of Senators who have requested it be made public that they will return to Columbia on Tuesday June 7th ready to conduct business per Governor Haley’s Executive Order.

“We have enjoyed many successes with the Governor Haley this year. Now that the Governor has called the General Assembly back, it’s important we finish the job on these critical government restructuring reforms.”

Senator Harvey Peeler, Senator Lee Bright, Senator Kevin Bryant, Senator, Ronnie Cromer, Senator John Courson, Senator Tom Davis, Senator Mike Rose, Senator Greg Gregory, Senator Greg Ryberg, Senator David Thomas

**Senator Shane Martin supports the effort to return to Columbia on Tuesday, but will be unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

*Some Senators were unable to be reached this afternoon.