pacs (like that of DeMint’s) prohibited in the SC Senate

A rule to prohibit Leadership PACs (Political Action Committee) in the SC Senate passed this week. I strongly opposed this rule change as I am convinced that political contributions are free speech.

Look at Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund. By this PAC we now have 3 sound conservatives in the U.S. Senate: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, & Pat Toomey.

Another objection is that the Senate rules are for the operation of the functions of the Senate. This is the first rule that applies to the conduct of a member outside the chamber.

As this was a vote late in the evening, only 40 members were present. This rule change required 31 votes to pass, so we only lost by one vote. After all the strong-arming, only 9 voted with me. Voting in opposition: Bright, Bryant, Cromer, Fair, Ford, Grooms, Martin (Shane), Massey, Verdin