I’ll be back

As you may know, Gov. Haley has called back the Legislature next week to work on some unfinished business, emphasizing on the bill to create the Department of Administration.

There’s a controversy as to her ability to do this. Attorney General Wilson states she has the authority. President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell claims that according to the Sine Die resolution her actions are unconstitutional and has stated, “the Senate Chamber will be locked”. The Sine Die resolution does not include the bill to create the Department of Administration, and we don’t have the authority to debate it, however, the Senate Clerk tells me a new resolution is possible.

The speaker of the House has agreed with the Governor and is encouraging House members to return on Tuesday.

So, I plan on being in Columbia next week whether the Senate is called to order or not. I too, am disappointed that this crucial restructuring bill did not pass and am certainly willing to stay in the Capital until we get it done if it becomes possible.