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SC Club for Growth Scoring Alert – Department of Administration

May 31, 2011

Dear SC Club for Growth Members and Friends,

After years of waiting, a bill to create a Department of Administration (H.3066) is positioned for final passage in the Senate this week.

South Carolina is unique among the states in placing responsibility for critical back office functions – such as personnel, real estate, and technology – with a five-member Budget and Control Board. Moving these roles into a Department of Administration – managed by a cabinet-level director – will improve accountability and empower current and future governors to run the state more like a business.

The new Department of Administration will improve efficiency and effectiveness by:

* Establishing an Executive Budget Office to identify opportunities for agencies to share resources and eliminate redundancies

* Developing an enterprise-wide approach to information technology that will cut significant costs and improve service delivery

* Launching a strategic sourcing initiative to leverage agencies’ buying power in order to drive down prices and assure that the state’s business partners meet negotiated performance standards

* Optimizing the state’s use of its owned space, while cancelling unnecessary leases and selling off excess property

In the past few legislative sessions, advocates for reform have passed similar legislation through the House of Representatives only to have it stall in the State Senate. This year, we are closer than ever before to giving our governor the ability to act as the state’s chief executive – just as every other state does – but time is running out.

Please call (803-212-6700) or email your Senator today, and ask that the Senate pass the Department of Administration bill (H.3066) without further delay.

You can find your Senator’s contact information here: