I’ll be the blue guy waiting for that tax cut!

Last week, an amendment was proposed to send $105 million to local school districts. We were told that these school districts would obviously use this money to cut taxes on businesses. Hmmmm, kind of skeptical with that, aren’t you?

I realize schools have taken a cut, yet I was convinced this money should be used to pay down debt, specifically, the unemployment debt. This extra debt payment would have increased the current unemployment tax cut of 18% to probably around 30% for every employer in SC.

What about the kids you ask? Sure, what about the kids of unemployed workers? This tax cut would increase the ability of employers to hire, jump-starting put sluggish economy.

Unfortunately, our efforts to increase the tax cut for employers failed, yet not without a fight. Conservatives in the Senate used every possible maneuver, laying down on the tracks in front of the train to get tax cuts for you. Budget week is normally a week. We drug it out for 5 weeks this year to make a point.

This budget contains taxpayer funded abortions, zero reform, and only cuts taxes 1/2 cent out of every 22+ billion dollars that is spent.