many thanks to SC Baptists for weighing in on this obnoxious budget


At the heat of the budget debate in the South Carolina Senate, there are a few issues that are of great concern to the SCBC Office of Public Policy. These issues include no advances for the unborn and significant increases in spending.
We have tackled many concerns in the legislature this year, but none more important than the pro-life issues that have been considered. Taxpayer-funded abortion is a critical matter and your senator needs to hear your views today.
Currently, our allies in the senate have one more shot at cutting out taxpayer-funded abortions from our already strained budget. We encourage you to call your senator and ask him to support Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant, Tom Davis, Larry Grooms, Shane Martin, Phil Shoopman, David Thomas, Mike Fair, Chip Campsen, Danny Verdin and others to curtail spending and strengthen the constraints of taxpayer-funded abortions on our state budget.
Pro-life senators are working tirelessly to turn the tide on public abortion funding. Two of our most vocal pro-life senators, Lee Bright and Shane Martin (both from Spartanburg), have asked churches to become engaged and involved in this vital issue (brief video from SC ETV).
Last week, we sent a letter to members of the senate asking them to vote NO to ending debate on this issue until our requests were met. See how your senator voted on cloture. We ask that same request towards the current debate until these important changes are made.
Thank you for taking the time to be informed and involved! More and more, Christians understand that the most immediate way to change our culture for the better is to impact legislation. We cannot do this alone. We need every person to be aware of actions of our leaders. We need you to pray about this issue. We need you to call and ask your senator to listen to your view.
Please contact your senator and ask him to vote NO on cloture until taxpayer-funded abortion is removed and further restraints on the expansion of the largest State Budget in history.
Call the legislative switchboard at 803-212-6200 and ask to speak to your Senator.