Fetal Pain Awareness Amdendment passes!

My first attempt at fetal pain awareness was ruled out of order, however, a re-draft was within the boundaries of rule 24.

(DHEC: Fetal Pain Awareness)   (A)   The department must utilize at least one hundred dollars to prepare printed materials concerning information that unborn children at twenty weeks gestation and beyond are fully capable of feeling pain and the right of a woman seeking an abortion to ask for and receive anesthesia to alleviate or eliminate pain to the fetus during an abortion procedure. The materials must be provided to each abortion provider in the State and must be placed in a conspicuous place in each examination room at the doctor’s office. The materials must contain only the following information:

“Fetal Pain Awareness”
An unborn child who is twenty weeks old or more is fully capable of experiencing pain. Anesthesia provided to a woman for an abortion typically offers little pain prevention for the unborn child. If you choose to end your pregnancy, you have a right to have anesthesia or analgesic administered to alleviate the pain to your unborn child during the abortion.” (B)   The materials must be easily comprehendible and must be printed in a typeface large and bold enough to be clearly legible.