Paul Ryan: The Path to Prosperity

Last November, we believe the House Republicans were given a mandate by the American people – cut spending, shrink government, and help create sustainable, private sector jobs.

We also believe that the first real opportunity for the new Republican majority to show the American people that they are serious is the federal budget.

And yesterday, they showed their hand, as Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin revealed his long awaited 2012 budget, entitled “The Path to Prosperity.”

A few of the highlights – it would cut $6.2 trillion over 10 years, impose a cap on discretionary spending, reduce the tax rate for individuals and businesses to 25% and give states the flexibility to manage Medicaid rather than keeping it in the hands of bureaucrats in Washington.

To learn more about Rep. Ryan’s attempt to control spending and put us on the path to prosperity and a balanced budget, please take a moment to watch his new video below: