unemployment: the lazy factor


Part of the unemployment problem is that our human nature is to take advantage of the ability to get paid to not work. Our office has experienced a number of complaints from employers that can’t find employees to hire. I had a concrete company owner tell me they often hear: “this is hard work, I’d rather stay home and draw my check”. Another example is one constituent called asking our assistance in keeping his unemployment benefits. He said he was offered a job that required a Commercial Drivers Licence, but he couldn’t afford the course. Our office discovered CDL course assistance and called him back. He then declared “I don’t want a job, I want my check!”

I’m very sympathetic to those out of work desperately seeking it, but I’m disappointed that we have a significant segment of our society leeching the system.

Reminds me of a book called “Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater (1960):

Indeed, this is one of the great evils of Welfarism – that it transforms the individual from a dignified, industrious, self-reliant spiritual being into a dependent without his knowing it.” and  “I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom.”

and recently, Jim DeMint in Myrtle Beach (12.06.10):

“We can’t just keep paying people to stay at home…We’ve got to create economic activity to allow businesses to grow so they can hire people.