from Congressman Jeff Duncan

Hey guys,
I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how I voted on the spending compromise that was reached last Friday night between President Obama, Harry Reid, and Speaker Boehner but was voted on this afternoon.
The more I examined the spending compromise the more it became clear that it did very little if anything to tackle our soaring national debt and get spending under control.
While the compromise does cut some spending, much of the “savings” are achieved through budgetary gimmicks and will ultimately do little to repair our financial situation. I believe the people of South Carolina deserve better, they deserve more effort on behalf of Congress to cut spending, and that’s why I voted AGAINST the compromise this afternoon.
While I’m disappointed in this short-term spending plan, I am optimistic that we’re starting to get on the right track with the Budget.
Congressman Paul Ryan’s Budget and the even more conservative “Republican Study Committee” proposal move the debate from cutting millions to cutting trillions.
If these proposals were to become law, our country would cut up the credit cards, lower spending, and create a debt free future for our children and grandchildren.
These are tough times for our country, but not impossible ones.
Our nation can’t borrow its way towards prosperity or spend its way out of debt. We can return our nation to a shining city on a hill, but to do to so will take a commitment from every American.
What do you think of the Republican Budget Proposal “Path to Prosperity”? What do you think needs to be cut? What spending needs to be protected?
Your feedback and opinions are what matter, not the chatter coming out of Washington.
I look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your continued prayers, and God Bless
Jeff Duncan
Jeff Duncan is a small-business owner from Laurens, South Carolina and is the Congressman for the Third Congressional District. Jeff has been endorsed by the NRA, along with numerous conservative groups for his proven record of fighting against wasteful government spending and upholding the Constitution.