Janssen accused of misleading on side affects

Recently, drug manufacturer Janssen was involved in a lawsuit. The manufacturer was accused of mis leading the public on possible side affects of the then patented mental health medication Risperdal. Here’s the article Spartanburg Herald.

Also, our friend over at schotline.com, Jeffrey Sewell, has been involved these issues.

One thing to consider. A drug company markets their product hoping to convince physicians to prescribe their product to increase their profits. There will always be all kinds of accusations in this process. I’m even suspicious of competitors’ involvement somehow.

After a manufacturer looses the patent, the marketing comes to a complete halt since an unlimited number of generic companies can make the drug. So now, we have total unbiased science and experience dictating the use of a drug. Here’s another reason (along with the obvious financial savings) why it is a good idea to use the old “tried and true” generic drugs first.