h. 3003 voter id specifics

The SC Senate finally gave h. 3003 2nd reading after 10pm Wednesday night. Even though cloture had been invoked, the opposition put up over 400 amendments to stall the process. H. 3003 got third reading on Thursday 02.24.11, it will now be returned to the House. I doubt the House will concur with the Senate version, so H. 3003 will probably get a conference committee.
Ballot only counted if elector brings valid ID to county board of registration prior to certification of election
ii. Voter can sign affidavit swearing that he suffers from a “reasonable impediment” that prevents him from obtaining an ID — and the burden of proof is left to the county board of registration (Section 1, Item (D), Sub-item 1.b.)
5. Dispute of validity of photo ID
a. Voters can cast provisional ballot
b. Provisional ballot must be determined under current voter challenge law
6. DMV charges for photo ID
a. FREE of charge for persons 17 years and older
b. $5 charge for ages 10-16 (2010 Senate version: ages 5-16)
Early Voting – Effective January 2, 2012
1. Early voting centers requirements:
a. Voting opens 11 days prior to election
b. Voting closes 3 days prior to election
c. Open a minimum of TWO Saturdays in the early voting period
d. Electors can cast only one ballot, without excuse, in county of residence
e. Minimum of one, maximum of 3 early voting centers per county
f. County board of elections may authorize up to 2 additional early voting centers after a public hearing on the matter
g. County board of elections must set hours of operation
2. Opens early voting period to all registered voters
Absentee Voting – Effective January 2, 2012
1. Maintains stipulations for absentee voting
2. Provides that a person may vote by paper absentee ballot at any time during the absentee period. Also, allows absentee voting on a voting machine for a time period beginning 30 days prior to the election and ending the day immediately prior to the election.
3. Only one absentee ballot center per county can be established and must be supervised by an employee of the election commission or voter registration board
4. Establishes factors to be considered when determining a person’s domicile
***Provisions of this act are not severable, except the section exempting voters 65 and older