mssii on Obama’s Titanic moment

Our Sputnik Moment? Really?

What’s next? Telling the American people the automobile was invented in the States?

Whoops! The President already did that during a previous address delivered in the House Chamber. (See Germany, Mr. President.)

Another fact check: If the President has his way — if he forces another “stimulus” program onto our economy, or raises taxes — this will actually be America’s Titanic Moment.

“In America, innovation does not just change our lives — it’s how we make a living,” the President noted in his State of the Union Address on January 25.

Does he mean policy entrepreneurship, or private sector entrepreneurship?

I’m going to guess that given his lack of private sector leadership experience, the latter is not what’s really on his mind.

For this American, the Apollo Project of our time would be establishing a framework to reduce our national debt by halting frivolous federal spending.

The Apollo Project of our time would entail quashing specious assertions that we can spend our way out of debt.

The Apollo Project of our time would entail no more government “pat-downs” — of our wallets.

Michael S. Smith II
Co-Founder, The Charleston Meeting