Haven of Rest Ministry in Anderson This is the most effective faith based organization I’ve ever seen

New Life Program: A man when he comes into the mission basically has 30 days to make a decision whether or not he is going to enter the Men’s Training Center. During this time he starts a bible study series by the Navigators. Daily Devotions are held each morning. They are conducted by a volunteer or staff person. The resident is also required to: Attend a chapel service on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, attend a local church on Wednesday night, Sunday morning and evening, and Work at one of the ministry locations during the day. Freedom in Christ Program: After 30 days if a person elects to begin the discipleship program, he is moved into a different dorm where his studies increase and the preparation for his going to the Men’s Training Center begins. His schedule is comprised of work detail, study, class time and church attendance. After being interviewed for the training center and a bed is offered, he must accept it or leave. During one’s stay at the mission they are given individual counseling and aid in legal matters. Meals For the Homeless: We provide bag lunches for the homeless who elect not to stay here. We offer words of encouragement and give them a gospel tract when they choose to leave. Emergency Shelter: Based on availability, we offer shelter to those that need it on a daily and nightly basis. Financial Requirements: There are no charges for our services; however, we do encourage donations to help offset the cost of food, utilities, gas, staff, etc.