State Fire Marshall gets burned in LAC audit

images2Just got a summary of the recent audit by the Legislative Audit Council. The LAC is actually one agency controlled by the General Assembly that is well worth it. Their audits have resulted in some big time restructuring like the Department of Transportation and the Department of Employment Workforce to name a few. Any way, click here to read the full report, or here for the summary. Below is the part that got my interest real quick. Anytime government forces businesses to spend money unnecessarily, it hurts our economy. It’s really that simple isn’t it?

We identified several areas of concern regarding the regulation of fire extinguishing equipment used by South Carolina businesses and other organizations. First, policies and practices of the OSFM have been inconsistent with the fire codes pertaining to portable fire extinguishers that are no longer manufactured and standards for commercial stoves. Second, the OSFM has not adequately informed regulated organizations on how to gain free access to the fire codes, the specific fire code sections on which citations of violations are based, or their rights to appeal. Finally, the OSFM does not have a review process to check for unnecessary upgrades of fire extinguishing equipment that vendors tell organizations are needed to comply with the fire codes.

As a result, organizations, such as businesses, schools, and hospitals in South Carolina are likely to have incurred unnecessary costs.