Zais Zone Report

banner1Almost one year ago, I announced my candidacy for State Superintendent of Education. Before I ask you one more time for your consideration and your vote, I want to thank you for the support you’ve shown my family and me during this campaign. Each day on the campaign trail brought new challenges and opportunities, and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting thousands of people from every walk of life in South Carolina, listening to their concerns, hearing their ideas and sharing my vision for improving education with them.

For me, this campaign has always been about putting the interests of students, parents, teachers, principals and taxpayers ahead of politics. Unlike past State Superintendents and my opponent, this office is not the beginning of a political career for me. Rather, it is the culmination of a lifetime of service that combines my leadership ability with my experience and passion for helping students achieve their full potential through a high quality education.

There are some very real differences between my opponent and me with regard to our professional experiences and leadership abilities.

I have classroom teaching experience. My opponent has never held a teaching position.

I’ve turned around a troubled school. My opponent has never led a school.

I’m not part of the political establishment. My opponent has years of experience as a political insider and partisan political operative.

I’ve managed limited budgets and stretched every dollar in order to maximize student success. My opponent’s sole opportunity to manage a large budget resulted in failed financial audits and millions of taxpayer dollars mismanaged.

Our campaign received several strong endorsements from major editorial boards (The State, The Charleston Post & Courier, The Myrtle Beach Sun News) and from every day teachers, senior citizens, business leaders and voters. While one independent poll showed our campaign leading our opponent, I have every expectation that the election will be a close one, which is why it is critical that you exercise your right to vote.

In closing, as a military officer I served my soldiers, my unit, and my country. As president of a faith-based college, I served my students, my campus, and my Christian faith. Both are lives of calling, both are lives of service, and in both lives I have been blessed to work with, lead, and educate groups of exciting, energetic young people. My comprehensive experience in education, strong leadership credentials, and proven record of reform uniquely qualify me to be the next State Superintendent of Education. This Election Day, let’s put education first ahead of personal political ambition and partisan allegiances.

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and words of support over throughout the campaign. Thank you for your thoughts and thank you for your prayers. I respectfully ask for your vote in the General Election for South Carolina State Superintendent of Education. With sincere appreciation,
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