we lost a great one yesterday

Below is a tribute to Rosemary Lindley, a great friend that went home yesterday:

Today we lost a lovely lady who fought with us for conservative causes.   Mrs. Rosemary Lindley passed away this afternoon after battling heart problems for only a brief time.

For those of you who didn’t know her, she had been in the trenches with us for many years.  She had offered her home for fundraisers for many candidates through the years.  She  also hosted  a luncheon in her home for the Republican Women several summers ago.   In addition  she had been faithful to help us with our annual Bronze Elephants and County Conventions.  She would sit and check people in or do whatever we asked.   She has worked the polls on election day for us many times and one time in particular I can remember both of us thought we might be run of out town for questioning so many votes at a certain precinct!  We actually called for someone to come walk us to our car!

Rosemary was always ready for another good conservative fight.   My last conversation with her included discussion about the direction of our country and how she worried about what would be left for her 5 precious grandchildren.  She knew the Constitution and knew we must elect people who would honor it!

I always told people if I ever went to battle I would want Rosemary in the foxhole with me.   She stood up for what she believed and was not afraid to voice her opinion.   In 2008 we disagreed over who our candidate should be.   She said Fred Thompson could win and I told her she was wrong – he would never make it through the primary.  Of course my candidate didn’t either so that one was a draw!

Rosemary will be greatly missed by her family and friends but we can all rest comfortably knowing she loved the Lord and knew Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Please remember her husband, Charles, and their two grown children, James and Carrie, in your prayers.  They have some difficult days ahead.  Susan Aiken