Dyer slaps a compliment to Jeff Duncan

I received a copy of an e-mail recently sent out by Jane Dyer, Democrat candidate for congress (SC-3). The recipient of this contribution seeking e-mail was a government e-mail paid for by taxpayer dollars. That’s a no-no in itself, but here’s what got my attention:

She criticized Jeff Duncan, her Republican opponent. The e-mail states that in a recent candidate forum:

He stuck to the Tea Party line and the Club for Growth agenda. None of that was surprising but what shocked me was what he did not mention. We spoke for 39 minutes, and in that time, he made no mention of creating jobs.

I’m not sure where the Dyer campaign has been for the couple of years, but last time I checked the Tea Party and CFG is all about less government and low taxes. Duh…more money in the pockets of consumers creates jobs!

Consider her alternative. If the Obama-Pelosi agenda of growing government and high taxes, which Ms. Dyer supports, is supposed to create jobs, we’d have 0% unemployment from their socialistic shift. Interestingly, she fails to mention her strong backing from union bosses.

I consider “her criticism” a compliment. The American people certainly understand Jeff’s message. Thanks Jeff!