These liberals are really running out of ammo

A recent letter to the Anderson Independent, again, was supposed to criticize Jeff Duncan, our Republican candidate for Congress (SC-3). It also mentions another fine conservative, Tim Scott, the Republican candidate for SC’s coastal Congressional seat (SC-1):

Jeff Duncan owes his soul to his company store: the Club for Growth (CFG).

As a “527” organization, CFG can collect unlimited individual contributions. Dominated by Wall Street financiers and executives, CFG finds candidates it can control.

Founder Stephen Moore publicly said that CFG “let candidates know that if they ever voted for a tax increase, we’ll never support them, and in fact, we’ll work to defeat them.”

Even though he states he’s against the use of earmarks in Congress, Duncan received more than $189,000 earmarked to him from out-of-state donors through CFG.

Duncan and District I candidate Tim Scott also received more than $300,000 for primary TV ads and mailers. Duncan has already received an election TV ad from CFG. On his website, Duncan denies being “beholden to any group.” How can he be so naïve? Does he really think that if he voted against CFG that it would not turn on him?

He has been bought and paid for, and now owes his soul to the company store.

In other words Duncan and Scott have “sold their souls” to the taxpayer, promising never to raise their taxes. Shame on them! Again, often times a liberal’s criticisms come across as being complimentary to the electorate.