global warming counter


In an editorial State Senator Bryant alludes global warming is a hoax because of emails from a few climate scientists discussing the manipulation of their data.  Science like other professions has individuals whose integrity and ethics are questionable. The vast majority of climate scientists are responsible and dedicated individuals who are reporting their data with integrity.  No matter how climate change data is reported or interpreted there are two facts that can’t be misinterpreted.   First, fossil fuel is finite.  This alone should be reason to develop alternative energy sources.   Secondly, the world population is increasing which translates into increased burning of fossil fuels.  There is a limit on how much carbon the oceans and atmosphere can absorb.  The time to develop alternative energy sources is now not when we reach saturation levels of carbon which may be catastrophic to our way of life!

Bryant also alludes that global warming advocacy will lead to “global government because, after all, how can you stop a global problem if you have independent nations”?  What is a global government? Is the United Nations a global government?  Are nations working together to solve common problems a global government?  Independent nations have successfully worked together to reduce the levels of chlorofluorcarbons that cause the depletion of the atmospheric ozone.    Global warming is a complex and serious issue which will require nations to work together in order to develop comprehensive and equitable solutions that ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Richard Hilderman