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steamroller on elitists

by: steamroller

How can we identify those who have deemed themselves ‘Supreme Leaders of Humanity’ Below are traits of those who consider themselves ELITES

*Superiority rooted in Pride.

*Disdain for human society- putting themselves first.

*Unearned and not bestowed or given.

*Self-appointed and self-aggrandized.

*Narcissistic Self-worship.

*Not promoted on merit or prevailing by competing.

*Strong need to control, rule, and dominate.

*Ideas and achievements of others are irrelevant because they do originate from elites.

*Envision themselves as Supreme Leaders of Humanity.

*Restricting freedom and privileges in a society to a tiny, favored group, with the sense of entitlement due to their perceived superiority.

*Practice discrimination by awarding themselves privileges at the expense of others.

*Personal achievement is not essential to elites, it is self-endowed without effort.

*Generally out of touch with reality by self-insulation and isolationism.

*All decisions should be made according to the interests or ideas of elites.

*The hopes and needs of the widest population are innately inferior.

*Populist, free democracy is the lowest form of government to elitists.

*Arrogance isn’t smug enough for anyone burdened with being inherently superior.

*Elites use pseudo-intellectualism and over-complication of problems to protect their position,

measures which a true intellectual would avoid.

*Elitism is pyramidal, not polycentric and is a closed circle which is self-organizing and

self-validating while drawing upon the resources of others.

*Political elites have for decades held the trust of millions of Americans while simultaneously swindling them.

Joe should’ve said “you deceive”

Last night SC Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “you lie” when President Obama made the claim that illegal immigrants will not be covered in the pending health care bill. I agree we must maintain respect, but when the American people aren’t being told the whole truth, wasn’t President Obama ignoring decorum? Nevertheless, Rep. Wilson has apologized for the outburst and the White House has accepted. End of story.

The real question is this: who’s telling lies? It all depends on what the definition of is is.

President Obama is correct in that the bill contains language prohibiting illegal immigrant coverage in Section 246:


Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

Here’s the problem. There is no verification process for coverage. I’m still researching this, but for now, I can’t find a mechanism to verify citizenship. So technically the president is correct but in reality Rep. Wilson is correct. Unless this bill is amended, illegal immigrants will receive health care coverage.

Its like a speeding limit law with no enforcement provision and no penalty would be practically useless.

There was an effort to make this amendment, yet these efforts were defeated. Hopefully, this occurrence will enlighten the public to demand a change in the legislation.

Here’s a link to the bill. If ya’ll find a verification, please show me.

Also, is offering t-shirts in support of the Congressman


midnight flight

Now if this overweight, couch potato can run a 5k, anyone can. Pictured back lr: Morgan Bryant, Me, Eddie King, Judson Wright front lr: Kendra Bryant, Kendall Bryant3906607493_510f3d04be

what’s all the hub bub…bub?

Seems like the president’s speech to the kids yesterday has caused a stir. As my favorite cartoon character Bugs would say, what’s all the hub bub…bub?

I don’t have a problem with our kids getting a motivational speech by the President of the United States. The message was outstanding, exactly what our school children need to hear.

Most of the local schools in Anderson have decided that the timing was inconvenient (during the lunch period) have have taped the program. The video will be available in the near future.

Some were making a case that President Obama had intended to give a political message and the White House later changed the draft. I’m not sure where this accusation came from; maybe true, maybe not. Whether the draft was altered or not, the final speech was excellent. Basically he pleaded with kids to work hard, study hard, respect your teachers, etc.

My beef is the inconsistent divide from the rhetoric from the policy. His policy says loud and clear: “Government will meet all of your needs; no need to work, somebody else will pay and I will take care of you!”

That’s what steamroller so eloquently rolled out yesterday.

guest writer: steamroller on the Obama agenda

Comments by steamroller in italics

President Barack Obama is telling the nation’s schoolchildren he “expects great things from each of you.” Just as he expects great things from all of you – – all, that is except GOVERNMENT – We have learned to expect nothing but rhetoric and taxes until they want your vote for re-election

telling them to stay in school and work hard ’cause that’s the right message to send.” Not to be confused with the “right thing for the people” because staying in school and working hard will not be rewarded, because government penalizes success but rewards failure.

inspire kids to stay in school, to work hard Obviously this is the next workforce to support government – so they will need you

set goals and work hard to achieve them. Government will, however, have the power to reset ‘your goals to their goals’ and require your effort

“being successful is hard” We, in government, do not necessarily equate success as your success, but we will make it as “hard” as we can

increasingly competitive global economy Competition is frowned upon, because government hates it and wants “mandates” to level the field

nothing less than the future of this country Since when has government ever been concerned about “the future”??? NOW is what it is!

whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges With a corrupt government AS our greatest challenge, the question is “WHETHER OR NOT”

proposed lesson plans distributed to accompany the speech Lesson plans also include the politically correct answer sheet – graded on the curve!

how students can help him meet education goals It used to be “student’s goals. now it is Obama’s Goals via HIS RADICAL AGENDA

Obama spent a good deal of his time extolling the virtues of the union movement. What else do you expect from corrupt bed-partners? Criticism?

paid leave, minimum wage and Social Security “all bear the union label,” as he appealed to organized labor to help him win the health care fight in Congress. Paid Leave is very competitive and efficient, too! Minimum Wage has yet to alleviate any injustice, but it has hurt the less educated and the poor! Social Security is also a “ROARING SUCCESS” since they have spent the trust fund-replacing the cash with IOU’S, and robbing the people by inflation!

even if you’re not a union member, every American owes something to America’s labor movement YESSIR!!! I owe more on my union made car that was planned to be obsolete, and I owe the high cost of goods made by unions who want their ‘just desserts’, and I owe, I owe, O how I Owe!

“We have never had this broad an agreement on what needs to be done.” He accused vested interests of trying to thwart it What needs to be done is apparent and obvious to most AMERICANS, and that is to LET US DECIDE WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE -WE DON’T NEED ELITISTS!!!!!

some key items such as legislation making it easier for people to join unions has languished in Congress. CONGRESS WAS PROBABLY WAITING FOR AN ELECTION YEAR FOR THIS ONE!

Obama chose the Labor Day union picnic as the backdrop to announce his selection of Ron Bloom as senior counselor for manufacturing policy. Bloom, a Harvard Business School graduate, previously advised the United Steelworkers union, and will lead policy development and planning work to revitalize U.S. manufacturing, the White House said. Just Imagine! A Harvard Grad who was a union advisor “…leading policy developement and planning manufacturing”!!! And choosing Labor Day is just pure planning per performer’s pleasure pillaging from people’s pants pockets!!!

Steamroller cannot contain his putrifying disgust at the sorry, silly, simple, slick, Socialist System, so stuffed with sweet sounding syrupy stupifying slogans signifying strange stinking surprises, surpassing swindlers and scoundrels striving steps seeking shrewd, sharp, swallowing scandalous seeds of scum so severe., and so self-serving, sickening citizens so slow to suspect subterf

Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill to close

I am very disappointed to here the sad news that one of our best restaurants is closing soon. Please show them your support during the next week if you can.

Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill Preferred Customer Club
Hello Everyone!

Well, today has been to date one of the saddest days of my life. I regret to inform you all that Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill will be closing its doors on Saturday September 12th at 10:00 pm. We just can’t “hang on” any longer. Between the stock market & real estate crash, the opening of the Private Club and multitude of new restaurants opening downtown, I have put every dime I have and can borrow into the business. I am in insurmountable debt.

Years ago, my father taught me to pay all my bills, etc. in full and on time. I have prided myself in that fact. I made a pact with myself to live my life with honesty & integrity. I have to close now, so I will have enough money to pay my dear staff and my taxes.

I hope you all will come out and support us tonight, this weekend and all next week, to help make that possible.

I could ramble on about woe is me, and I could have done this or should have done that…but it’s not going to change the reality of this.

I hope that Sabra & I and our business have made the community and downtown as a whole a better place to eat, shop and live.

NO MATTER WHAT I am so grateful for my relationship with JESUS and feel SO BLESSED for what He has given us. God is more interested in our character than our happiness. Mathew 7:24-27 Building on a Solid Foundation “anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. 25…though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse, because it is built on a bedrock. 26 But anyone who hears my teaching, and ignores it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. 27 When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against the house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

Sabra & I have built our house on a SOLID FOUNDATION – our faith…with His grace, nothing is impossible. Sabra & I and OUR energy is Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill, not the 4 walls we have called home for so many years, and one day we will be BACK!

Thank you all SO SO much, for your support and patronage over the years.

Remember, always follow your dreams, and never give up on your goals. I know I won’t!

Never give up,
Bill Nickas

Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill

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magistrate process

Many folks have been asking about the Summary Court (Magistrate) nomination process. I’d like to explain this process and clear up some confusion about a recent nomination.
Summary Court Judges are appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the Local Senate Delegation. Magistrates are nominated by the local Senate Delegation. The Anderson County Senate delegation is comprised of myself and Sen. Billy O’dell. I represent district 3, which is entirely in Anderson County. Senator O’Dell represents district 4 which is part of Anderson, Abbeville, & Greenwood Counties.
There are 15 Summary Court Judges in Anderson County. District 3 has 8 and District 4 has 7.
I make the nominations for the positions in District 3 and Sen. O’Dell makes the nominations for those in District 4 as we sign off on each others nominations.
Last spring, Sen. O’Dell nominated Mr. Stan Welch. In August, the Governor’s office did not accept this nomination because of a past conviction (read). I was not aware of the past record until it was revealed by the office of the Governor.

the V

We celebrated our 20th in Atlanta and had to drop by the Varsity for an fo (frosted orange) and some onion rings. I was a Varsity regular in Athens back in Pharmacy School.

21 years ago, I presented an engagement ring to Ann on the straw of a frosted orange. She said “yes”. Ya’ll didn’t know I was that romantic did you?

If you’ve never been to the Varsity, here’s how your greeted. They holler “have, have, what’ll you have”. It’s definitely a cool place to eat.

DoD: God and country rally ideological movement

in case you missed this: Pentagon Denies Flyover of ‘GOD and Country Rally’ for First Time in 42 Years