here’s my plane travel

In a recent story on WIS-TV, Kara Gormley asks:

Both the House and Senate have their own ethics committees; raising the question. “Are the legislators who use the plane willing to investigate themselves and expose any wrong doing?

Well, yes. Here’s my use of state aircraft. On Thursday morning, June 8 2006, I accompanied the Governor and a staff member from Columbia to Myrtle Beach.

The purpose of the flight was for him to sign S. 1267 “Jessica’s Law” at the Children’s Recovery Center. I was invited because I authored the death penalty provision for child rapists.

We then flew to Charleston. He went to an announcement. I hitched a ride by car back to Columbia with a friend.

The plane we flew on was an older plane owned by DNR (Department of Natural Resources). I was told the Governor chooses to fly this plane quite often since it was much cheaper to operate.