24 hour waiting period

fetalmonth9-183x189H. 3245 increases the required waiting period of patients seeking  and abortion from 1 hour to 24 hours. The time this waiting period begins is when the patient has been offered to view images of the child viaultrasound. Due to my beliefthat life begins at conception, during my time in the Senate I have made every effort to protect the rights and liberty of the unborn. That is why I am supporting legislation that will give mothers a chance to think about the life changing decisions they are making before having an abortion. The essence of the bill states, “No abortion may be performed sooner than twenty-four hours after the woman receives the written materials and certifies this fact to the physician or the physician’s agent.”  Hopefully, the increase in this waiting period will give these patients in very unfortunate situations an opportunity to think about this decision and get input from other sources. It is in these small ways that we can make an effort to preserve life in South Carolina and uphold the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I appreciate your support and encouragement as I fight to preserve the sanctity of life in the Palmetto State.

My friends at the Crisis Preganancy Center in Anderson inform me that when a patient views the ultrasound, 85%choose to carry the child to term. The Anderson CPC does an outstanding job at ministering to these women in desparate situations.

Also, I am in the process of reasearching practical measures to hold the fathers of these children accountable. Currently, the father of unwanted pregnancies are in no way held liable for their actions. Any thoughts you have in this regard, would be welcome.