school funding flexability may get transparent

H. 3352 is a resolution allowing for flexible funding for local school districts. As you’ve heard me express before, I’m for flexability as long as it is coupled with transparency and choice. Well, I offered an amendment today that requires school districts to post on their website a transaction register that includes a complete record of all funds expended over $100, from whatever source for whatever purpose. The register must be posted on the school district’s website or the website of the office of the Comptroller General. Our Comptroller General, Richard Eckstrom, has already offered assistance to any district wanting his assistance in posting the information online. I think we have the votes to pass my amendment as Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D-Kershaw) has agreed to cosponsor the amendment. We’ll get to the bill on Thursday (03.25.2009).
Teachers have expressed their frustration many times when they’re told by administration that there’s no money for essential supplies for their classroom. If we can grant transparency to teachers, parents, and taxpayers, we’ll get a clear view of where the money’s going.