stimulus over ride passes senate finance


S. 577, the resolution to over ride Governor Sanford and take the money from your grandchildren, passed out of Senate Finance today despite of the Governor’s second appeal to the White House to allow us to do something responsible with a portion of the massive expansion of Federal Government. Roughly $ 700,000 is at stake, the other 2 plus billion dollars go directly to state agencies and other local governments.

I offered a simple amendment to the resolution “…and will not appropriate non-recurring funds for recurring programs or purposes.” In other words, we will take the money, but we won’t use one time money to grow programs permanently.”

Unfortunately, my amendment was tabled, so the recklessness continues.

Let me ask you this question. Let’s say you’re out of work, but get a stroke of good luck and you win the lottery. Your earnings are 10,000. Would you take the $10,000 and use it for a down payment on a mortgage that has 500 per month payments? Certainly you would not.

Got news for you, the Legislature doesn’t spend your money like you spend your money. Well, common sense is uncommon in Columbia.

I’m fearful it’s going to help us dig our state in a hole that’s going to be tough to get out of in two years when the money’s shut off!