Bryant on Jim DeMint

Senator DeMint a Hero to South Carolina Taxpayers (Anderson Independent Mail Guest Column)

Guest column: DeMint a voice of reason

Recently Democrat State Senator Brad Hutto recently penned an article critical of our U.S. Senator Jim DeMint.

In his view, Senator DeMint was wrong to demand that the trillion dollar spending bill liberals rushed through Washington last week would actually work for South Carolina. Missing from this editorial was the steep price South Carolina families would pay.

Thankfully, both Senators DeMint and Graham actually read the thousand page bill and realized it wouldn’t grow the economy, but its real intent was to grow government in Washington instead.

As Senator DeMint said, “This is a trillion dollar mistake that our economy cannot afford at this critical time. There is no free lunch, and every one of the trillion dollars we spend in this bill will be paid by our children and grandchildren. The skyrocketing debt that will follow this spending bill and the new bailouts will lead to inflation, higher interest rates and higher taxes.”

Senator DeMint understands that unsustainable debt, which is soon to approach $12 trillion, will inevitably create inflation and higher interest rates, making it more expensive for South Carolina families to buy a home or purchase food, clothes, and other goods and services.

Instead, Senator DeMint offered a realistic and proven plan that would create 18 million jobs by permanently lowering taxes on all families and businesses. This would allow South Carolina taxpayers to choose how to spend their money on what their family needs, instead of liberals in Washington transferring our money to unions and special interests. Senator DeMint trusts South Carolinians, while Senator Hutto and Democrats are asking us to trust Washington politicians.

The truth is that Senator DeMint has been South Carolina taxpayers’ best ally in Congress and a hero to working families. While other politicians, including too many Republicans, have helped pass wasteful spending for years, Senator DeMint has fought for fiscal responsibility and government reform that is urgently needed. While Washington panicked, Senator DeMint has been a steady voice of reason.