a 9 year losing streak ends



Twerp & punk aren’t normally names a loving father would have for his youngest child, but I’ve been saying things like this about Ethan, my almost 9 year old son. You see, we have this rivalry in the Bryant home. It’s NCAA Football 09 on the ps 2. I can’t even get a first down with Tyler (he’s 17), but you’d think I could compete with Ethan. Until last night, Ethan would routinely school me in sacks, ground game, interceptions, and 90 yard touch down plays. After each game he would turn into this obnoxious “in your face” victor that really hurt my self esteem. Well, Sunday night, I finally won.
4th quarter, less than a minute, I’m leading 28-21 while Ethan’s marching down the field. He’s got the ball in the red zone, fixing to score 6 then a routine 2 point conversion. Like many times past, he would beat Dad again. Not tonight. Old Dad picked off a strike in the end-zone, to finally break and 8 year losing streak. BTW, I was FSU and Ethan was West Virginia. Go Noles!