LCI sub: fire code regulation update

Sen. Greg Ryberg (R-Aiken), chairman of the Senate Labor Commerce & Industry, gave me the opportunity of chairing a sub committee Thursday morning (01.22.09). The sub committee gave a favorable report to regulations proposed by the State Fire Marshall, John G. Reich. Below is a summary:

Pending LLR Office of the State Fire Marshal Regulations (3214, 3215, 3216, 3217, 3218, 3219, 3220) February 12, 2009
These regulations replace 12 regulations known previously as the SC Fire Marshal Rules & Regulations.
The last time these regulations were extensively modified 1999
The regulations encompass multiple areas of responsibility of  the OSFM including 1) Day Care & Foster Homes 2) Basting and explosives 3) Pyrotechnics and Fireworks 4) LP Gas 4) Fire Equipment Dealers 5) Local Detention Facilities & Prisons
The proposed regulations: 1) Reduce the numbers of regulations 2) Reference national consensus standards 3) Eliminate obsolete rules, standards and codes 4) Reduces confusion and contradiction to contractors, design professionals, code enforcement community and the public
The proposed regulations provide a simpler shorter format
Stakeholders were extensively involved in the process ensuring that the needs of all South Carolinians were satisfied.
The proposed regulations do not increase fees or fines but directs the OSFM to follow 40-1-50(D).

So far, we haven’t found anything objectionable in these regs, but we’ll continue to comb through them. As you know, I’m reluctant to regulate only if necessary. Most would agree, that things like fire codes in public facilities & pyrotechnics are areas where regulation is necessary.